Pakistani Canadian Association of Nova Scotia

PCANS is the association of Canadians, residents, and students of Pakistani origin in Nova Scotia. It is setup to bring the Pakistani community together and organize events and programs that help the community in general, as well as to create inter community relationships with other sections of the society.

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Building a strong community

Giving back to the community

We are here to provide help to the Pakistani community living in Nova Scotia especially Halifax.

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Creating Lifelong Memories

Create memories by visiting one of our events and connecting with the community.

We are a team of passionate people

We have set our agenda to help Pakistani people living in Canada and other diverse cultures to come together and spread peace and harmony.

Executive Council:

Abeer Ali

Chief Marketing & Event Decoration Officer

Adnan Fatmi

Treasurer & CFO

Ahmad Raza 

President PSA Acadia University

Ahsan Amir Khan

Chief Newcomer Support Officer (Employment)

Al Arif

Chief Newcomer Support Officer (Financial Planning)

Amat ul Rasool

Chief Procurement Officer (Goods)

Dr. Awais Ali

Chief Newcomer Support Officer (Settlement)

Faisal Abbas

Chief IT Officer

Farhan Pir Muhammad

Past President

Hammad Mohiy Uddin

Vice President & Chief Welfare Affairs Officer

Jawad Khan

Chief Sports Officer

Mohammad Ali Raza

Past Vice President

Mohammad Johar

President PSA Dal University 

Rabail Gul

Chief Women Wellness Officer

Rana Zaman

Chief Communications Officer

Pirah Qazi

Secretary & Chief Volunteer Management Officer

Sahar Ahmed

Chief Procurement Officer (Services)

Dr. Tabassum Ata Qureshi

Chief Event Management Officer

Taqi Hashmi

President & CEO

Umair Iqbal

Chief Newcomer Support Officer (Professional Development)

Board of Directors: